According to a new study by, there are now more than 44 million U.S. adults who are “mooching” a streaming service subscription today.
Despite the sizable number of moochers today — 44+ million up from 34+ million in 2019 — the overall percentage is declining, the report found.
As it turns out, many Prime Video moochers have since turned into Prime members, where Prime Video is included.
Nielsen recently reported streaming was up 36% between February and March, with the average person watching doubling the amount of streaming video compared with the same time last year.’s analysis estimates there are now 142.5 million streaming consumers in the U.S., and now 34% — or 63.4 million — have fully cut the cord with pay TV.

Comments to: 44 million US adults now use ‘borrowed’ accounts to access streaming services – TechCrunch

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