The main benefits we get from design patterns are the following:They are proven solutions: Because design patterns are often used by many developers, you can be certain that they work.
We will dive into more detail with this once we get to the design patterns section of the article, as this characteristic is used in a lot of JavaScript design patterns.
Design pattern categorizationDesign patterns can be categorized in multiple ways, but the most popular one is the following:Creational design patternsdesign patterns Structural design patternsdesign patterns Behavioral design patternsdesign patterns Concurrency design patternsdesign patterns Architectural design patternsCreational design patternsThese patterns deal with object creation mechanisms that optimize object creation compared to a basic approach.
Popular examples of these patterns are:Chain of responsibilityCommandIteratorMediatorMementoObserverStateStrategyVisitorConcurrency design patternsThese types of design patterns deal with multi-threaded programming paradigms.
For those interested, a great inspiration for this article came from the Gang of Four book Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software and Addy Osmani’s Learning JavaScript Design Patterns.

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