“I don’t know if it counts as the WORST professional advice I’ve received, but it was advice that didn’t work for me, personally.
Like that’s not 1.5 meters Stars Hollow pic.twitter.com/dXWiMvDRRj — Ninah Kopel (@NinahKopel) March 26, 2020Love these tweets and want more?
word of the month: Social Distance WarriorNext up in our new and improved Dicktionary (sorry):This month we’re discussing — you guessed it — something coronavirus-related.
Maybe your neighbor hissed “1.5 METERS!” when you entered the elevator.
It’s this guy:To spread awareness in keeping enough distance between people, this man in the Netherlands walks on the street carrying a self made, 1.5 meters wide plastic circle around himself.

Comments to: Byte Me #14: Bat Woman, Britney Spears, and social distance warriors

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