Celo, a stablecoin payments network, has announced the addition of more than 20 new members to its “Alliance for Prosperity” ahead Celos’s mainet launch — which is currently expected for mid-May.
The new alliance members have begun working to deliver mobile-friendly decentralized applications (DApps) built on top of Celo.
Celo alliance membership grows by 50%The new additions include payment processors, digital asset wallet providers, custody providers, blockchain advocacy groups, privacy coins, stablecoins and teams seeking to integrate blockchain technology into supply chain management systems.
Furthermore, we are excited about the diversity of the Members both in terms of geography, as well as their unique contributions to serve more people,” Chuck Kimble, the head of Celo’s Alliance for Prosperity told Cointelegraph.
The list of new alliance members includes Ontology, Paxful, Peixe, Positive Blockchain and the United Africa Blockchain Association.

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