The standoff, they believe, can be remedied by more patriotic teachings in schools, which would foster less rebellious future generations.
Protests in 2012 forced officials to shelve the plan then, and helped give rise to a generation of young Hong Kong activists, many of whom are involved in the current demonstrations.
Today’s protesters would actually brand themselves as patriots, willing to give up everything—their future, their jobs, their freedoms, their families, and even their life—in a fight for a better Hong Kong.
“Xi Jinping thinks what went wrong was the education system of Hong Kong,” Willy Lam, an adjunct professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Centre for China Studies, says of the Chinese leader’s reaction to the protests.
Yet the efforts are markedly more complicated in Hong Kong, which, thanks to its autonomous powers, has long had its own, independent education system, as well as a different language.

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