One of Asia’s largest crypto exchanges by trade volume, OSL, has teamed with U.S. enterprise startup Monsoon Blockchain to further asset and money digitization.
OSL, which targets institutional and individual investors with trading, brokerage and custody services, is seeking to establish “a digital asset powerhouse” in the U.S. and Asia regions, Monsoon said in a press release Tuesday.
The deal aims to combine intellectual property, deal flow, large-scale investors and blockchain capabilities in an attempt to drive the digitization of assets and money within the regions.
Monsoon Blockchain is an Ethereum-based protocol that aims to use smart contracts to provide a more efficient marketplace for cloud service providers.
Monsoon has worked with a number of IT giants including IBM, Oracle and Alibaba as a data services distributor, who headed Fusion-io and Violin Memory, both of which are data processing software and hardware providers.

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