ETHDenver 2020 began with circle time as Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, Colorado’s Governor Jarod Polis, and Wyoming’s Governor Mark Gordon held a reading of B is for Bufficorn to a group of children.
It was a year of convergence — new meets oldPerhaps it was appropriate that the conference kicked off with Ethereum’s chief architect sharing a stage with two governors.
As someone who conducts research at EthDenver precisely for insights on organizational culture I left even more impressed this year in the diversity department.
ETHDenver 2020 project winners share the stage after a week of #buidlingAs the book closes on Eth2020 (B is for Bufficorn, of course!
PS If anything I reported is inaccurate please reach out to me on any channel @wbalser so I can correct 🙂

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