France’s current head of state described how Chirac had broken a taboo by recognizing what those operating in the darker recesses of the French state had done.
ADADJust as significantly, Macron recently discussed another abominable period in France’s recent history that many would like to forget: the Algerian War.
France was directly and deeply involved in despicable acts in Algeria, with no third-party persecutors to hide behind.
ADFrance’s right-wing populist party, the National Rally — originally the National Front, was founded by extreme nationalists who resented the loss of Algeria.
ADThis sense of injustice weighs heavily on a French-Algerian community of more than 1.7 million in France, as well as a population of more than 43 million in Algeria itself.

Comments to: France must reckon with its dark history in Algeria. It’s not too late. – The Washington Post

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