Bill Gates was among the celebrities, business figures, and potential cabinet members comprising a steady stream of visitors to Trump Tower at the end of 2016 — with Donald Trump preparing to take office just a few weeks later.
According to a new report, Gates delivered a warning to the president-elect during that December 2016 meeting: Viral pandemics pose a grave threat to national security.
The gold elevator doors closed, and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates ascended up Trump Tower in December 2016 for what would no doubt be one of the stranger meetings of his career.
That’s according to a Wall Street Journal report Monday recapping Gates’ years-long effort to warn decision-makers about the threats posed by infectious diseases.
And, “I wish I had done more to call attention to the danger.”Some weird tidbits have already public surfaced about that late 2016 meeting between Gates and the president, which apparently didn’t include Gates’ warning about a pandemic registering with Trump.

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