Aside from essential workers, we’re all stuck inside right now.
And what else is there to do other than compare your favorite culinary YouTubers to paintings throughout art history?
Meme account Meme Appetit posted a thread of each Test Kitchen staffer as a scene from art through the ages, from Dutch Baroque to Da Vinci’s iconic Renaissance portraits to satirical American modernism.
The Bon Appetit Test Kitchen staff recreating scenes from the History of Art, a thread:Carla Lalli Music as ‘The Beaneater’ by Annibale Carracci — Meme Appetit (@memeappetit) April 26, 2020Molly Baz and her dog Tuna as ‘The Lady with an Ermine’ by Leonardo da Vinci — Meme Appetit (@memeappetit) April 26, 2020Group photos were particularly accurate — the Test Kitchen usually does emulate Caravaggio’s exaggerated, drama-filled scenes.
Claire Saffitz as ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch — Meme Appetit (@memeappetit) April 26, 2020Life really does imitate art.

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