To refine your skills even further, you could check out our roundup of Photoshop tutorials, or boost your toolkit with some Photoshop plugins or free Photoshop brushes.
The big flipFlip Canvas can be found hidden in the Image Rotation drop-down (Image credit: Adobe)If you simply want to flip an entire image, without any differentiation between layers, go to Image > Image Rotation > Flip Canvas.
How to flip a layer in PhotoshopFlip a layer in a matter of seconds with the Transform options (Image credit: Adobe)The most direct method to flip a layer is located in Edit > Transform.
Free TransformTyping -100 for the width in Free Transform will perfectly flip a layer horizontally (Image credit: Adobe)If you want more control over the process, you can use the Free Transform tool to resize the layer.
To achieve this you must first duplicate the image layer and flip it.

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