The company’s secret business came to light after security researchers from Check Point began looking at GuLoader [1, 2, 3], a new malware strain that rose to become one of the most active malware operations of 2020.
CloudEyE app linked to defunct malware crypter DarkEyECheck Point says it found references in the GuLoader code mentioning CloudEyE Protector, an anti-reverse-engineering software service provided by an Italian company named CloudEyE.
Image: Check PointIn addition, Check Point says it also tracked these three email addresses and usernames to multiple posts on hacking forums.
This connection was so strong that any random app passed through the CloudEyE app would almost certainly be detected as a GuLoader malware sample, despite being a legitimate app.
The Italian company denounced the report and blamed the tool’s use for malware operations on abuses perpetrated by its users, without its knowledge.

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