Lessons from a Product Manager at GoogleNovember 14th [email protected] shin Shin Growth @Blind for Rooftop Slushie www.rooftopslushie.comQuick backgroundI’m currently helping with growth at a start-up called Rooftop Slushie, where we try to make job search in tech more transparent and convenient.
nailing Google’s Product Manager Interview ) – go unnoticed.
Storytime with Tee: Product Manager at GoogleTell us a little bit about yourself​I went to school for Computer Science after spending my formidable years as a kid in school, tinkering and programming for fun.
What is the most desirable skill set that prepared you to become a Product Manager at Google?
The two skills that prepared me for a Product Manager at Google are: soft-skills (which, are really hard; I prefer “interpersonal skills”) and strategic thinking.

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