In the worlds of politics and political journalism, Sheekey is like Cher, widely known by one name and just as famous.
Full disclosure: I worked on that campaign as a policy adviser after being approached to do so by Sheekey.
ADADBefore the mics were even set up for the interview in a small office at Bloomberg campaign headquarters on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Sheekey told me, “President Trump is already winning and Democrats don’t even realize it.” When I asked him to elaborate once we were recording, Sheekey didn’t hold back.
ADAD“As a party, we’re running a primary to pick a party nominee and Donald Trump is running a general election, and they’re happening in two different places,” Sheekey said.
While Democrats are investing in winning the four early contests, Trump is waging a general-election campaign in the six states Sheekey said will decide the 2020 election: Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Florida.

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