I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten a column out of it, but I have gotten food for thought.
ADADThis driver was a more cautious type — or perhaps he just didn’t have particularly strong political opinions, as, believe it or not, many Americans don’t.
“Just thinking about Thanksgiving.”It was as if some delightful breeze had blown through the vehicle, blowing away the stale odor of politics.
Which makes me wonder why it is that any well-meaning person would publish yet another guide to talking politics at Thanksgiving, as seems to happen every year right about now.
I expect it’s hopelessly utopian to imagine that if we let Thanksgiving draw us together, as Thanksgiving is wont to do, we might find the things that divide us less divisive.

Comments to: My Uber driver reminded me of how Thanksgiving brings us together. So I’m tabling the politics. – The Washington Post

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