While virtual reality developers can quickly immerse users with artificial 3D worlds, it’s not as easy to capture and render the real world in 3D, especially when the subjects are constantly moving.
Shot with pre-production 180-degree 3D cameras based on Z-Cam’s E2, Ecosphere is a technology showcase for next-generation immersive videos, pushing the state of the art for consumer VR experiences.
Phoria notes that the videos feature the world’s first 5.7K stereoscopic VR footage at 60 frames per second, delivering high levels of detail and 3D depth at a nausea-reducing level of smoothness.
For enterprises and developers, Oculus and Phoria’s work has broader implications, heralding an era in which high-definition 3D videos could supplant the flat 2D streams that have dominated broadcasting for decades.
Between the high-definition 3D videos and impressive 3D interface that ties them together, we strongly recommend that Oculus users check out Ecosphere as soon as it’s available.

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