The Prisma schema is generated by introspecting your database and serves as the foundation for the query API of Prisma Client.
author User @relation ( fields: [ author Id ] , references: [ id ] ) author Id Int } CopyNote: We are also working on a tool for database migrations called Prisma Migrate.
With Prisma Migrate, the introspection-based workflow is “reversed” and you can map your declarative Prisma schema to the database; Prisma Migrate will generate the required SQL statements and execute them against the database.
Instead of manually synchronizing changes between application code and database, Prisma Client’s query API is generated based on your database schema.
With that approach, you can simply re-generate Prisma Client after a database schema change and the changes will automatically be synchronized to your Prisma Client query API.

Comments to: Prisma 2.0: Confidence and productivity for your database

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