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  1. blockchain
One of the great strengths of the blockchain sector is the vast multitude, and ever-increasing number of protocols in existence. These protocols offer incredible diversity in the functions and use cases that they deliver for developers and enterprises alike, with particular strengths and weaknesses inherent to particular blockchains. 
  1. softwareengineering
Since the early days of Unix, the shell has been part of the user's interface with the operating system. The first Unix shell (the Thompson shell) had very limited features, mainly I/O redirection and command pipelines. Later shells expanded on that early shell and added more and more capabilities, which gave us powerful features that include word expansion, history substitution, loops and conditional expressions, among many others.
  1. economy
Alyze Sam, Adam Alonzi, Patrick Devereux and Koosha Azim term themselves themselves ‘the Stablecoin Group’ as they collectively try to be the unbiased go-to for Stablecoin knowledge, with the help of their communities. Alyze Sam's book, ‘Stablecoin Economy’ was released May 14, 2020. This article is a section from my book that breaks down the top ten stablecoins. Please enjoy this free chapter and consider supporting my work, as I produce a stablecoin to reward children for altruism.  Thank you!
  1. gaming
In my last Coding for Gamers post we talked about replicating the hunger meter in The Long Dark. Today’s post is about replicating a feature from Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Hellblade is one of the most harrowing journeys into a mentally ill person’s mind that I have ever seen in a video game. If you haven’t played it, I highly recommend checking it out. You don’t even have to worry about getting addicted because the game has a concrete beginning, middle, and end. One of the unique aspects of Hellblade is a mini puzzle game that involves finding a shape in nature that matches a shape carved into the various runes in the world.