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Just over a week ago, we published the list of World Press Photo winners along with enough camera information to blow anyone's mind. While many other outlets posted just the images, we delved a little deeper into each photographer, and we found out what gear was being used to capture their awe-inspiring photos. The data was genuinely fascinating, and the huge variety of cameras being used told us lots about current trends in the world of professional photography. Shortly after our piece went live, we were contacted by a reader who helped us fill in a few blanks in regards to which cameras individual photographers have used, and we have now updated the post to reflect this. Join us after the break for all the details.
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Brooklyn Beckham was never going to be the most liked photographer in the industry. As the son of multi-millionaire superstars, he got one of the biggest legs up any photographer has received. For a teenage boy, as he was at the time, his work wasn't the worst we have ever seen, but it certainly didn't warrant a photobook and gig with Burberry! A few years have passed since he burst onto the scene, but even now, people enjoy giving the 21-year-old celebrity photographer some virtual jabs on social media.
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Some time has passed since we last broke the news about the SILBERSALZ35 cine films, so we were excited when the folks of Silbersalz Film got in touch with us to share their latest. If you’ve seen some of their sample images from our news post and have been interested in trying out the films, we have a bunch more for you to satisfy your curiosity with.
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The Profoto A1, a roundhead Speedlight, burst on to the scene a few years ago with an eye-watering price of $995. Since then, many manufacturers have released versions of roundhead speedlights, which cost far less, and prices of flashes and lighting, in general, have come down dramatically since then as well. The Profoto A1, which is a solid Speedlight, seems like it has been on perma-sale for $795 for a while, but it has now dropped in price to $595, which still far exceeds the price of many other options out there. Let's talk about this after the break.
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When we speak of spring, the first things that come to mind are images of flowers, greenery, and fields in full bloom. However, the creative minds behind Les Garçons bring us a more creative and conceptual way to see and represent this beautiful season and the refreshing imagery that comes with it: scrumptious and delicately styled food photography. If you’re looking for out-of-the-box ideas about spring or food photography, this featured series definitely fits the bill.