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Happy Wednesday, friends! It’s time for our usual mid-week frugal lists. 1. I got shorts for $6/pair. My girls and I really like the linen pull-on shorts from Old Navy. I wanted to get a few pairs for this summer for us (some of the pairs from last summer don’t fit), and when I first […] The post Five Frugal Things | shorts, period undies, and more appeared first on The Frugal Girl.
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I asked my Instagram followers to send me some questions for a Q&A post, and so today, we’ve got a pretty random collection of questions!  Who paid for driving expenses (gas, insurance, etc.) when your kids were licensed? We split gas with them for the first six months after they got their licenses (Random, I […] The post An all-over-the-place Q&A appeared first on The Frugal Girl.
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What I Spent I made a menu plan for two week’s worth of meals, made a list, and headed to the store. I spent a total of $227, which is fine, because I’m not anticipating much grocery spending next week (two week’s worth of my budget would be $300). Since it’s pretty easy, at my […] The post What I Spent, What We Ate | I guess I’ve been a little lazy! appeared first on The Frugal Girl.