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Sometimes you feel like life is pointless or get depressed and you just feel like you’re not going anywhere. If you want to motivate or inspire someone, make them feel like they’re making progress. It can be great if you can have multiple such things but it’s wiser to have one core thing you’re progressing on. The more of these things you can find in your life the less despair you’re going to feel. You’re going to be more hopeful because you’re making progress, you are getting somewhere.
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IntroductionIn this article, we will learn about validations in Angular template-driven forms. export class User { public name: string; public email: string; public username: string; public password: string; public confirmPassword: string; }Create custom directivesWe will create custom directives to implement custom validators for template-driven forms. We will override the validate method which accepts a parameter of type AbstractControl , that is the control we want to validate. SummaryWe have created a sample user registration form using the template-driven form approach in Angular. See AlsoYou can find this post Template-Driven Form Validation In Angular and others like it on Ankit Sharma's Blog.
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Firestore is a NoSQL document store database. One too many, though, and I’d hit the read or write limit of the plan, which sometimes could happen within an hour or two. There is an exists test for documents, but not for document fields. This means that if any write operation fails, then all writes fail, and the database data retains its original state. It is better to fetch a subset of the first collection, then iterate through it document by document.