to donate to the Racket Programming language – not Racket News, which I wholeheartedly agreed with.
Apparently they are a burden to add to ChezScheme and therefore future Racket, therefore if you have a very good reason to keep them join the conversation;John Clements has recently posted some links to Jeremy Siek’s compilers class which uses Racket to compile itself into x86 ;Racket around the webDo you blog about Racket?
Featured Racket PaperAs we know, Matthew Flatt has been working relentelessly on Racket-on-Chez – the Racket running on a ChezScheme backend.
Racket School 2019 – taught by Racket heavyweights it’s your time to get you #lang-fu up to scratch.
Racket Project StatisticsSome data about the activity in the Racket repository for the month of May, 2019.

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