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Lee and Patrick, the owners of Fstoppers, have shot video for years. For the next few days, you can get access to all they've learned by purchasing their tutorial, "Introduction to Video," along with dozens of other video resources for 95% off. Here's the deal: The Video Creators Bundle will only be available for five days and will never return! The sale ends June 16 at 3 PM
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Update: The company has posted a new teaser confirming the launch of 5310 in 5 days, which is June 16th. We’re bringing the iconic music phone back! 5 days to go. Stay tuned so you #NeverMissABeat #Nokia5310 To know more, visit: — Nokia Mobile India (@NokiamobileIN) June 11, 2020 HMD Global has started … Continue reading "Nokia 5310 with dual front-facing speakers, long battery life launching in India on June 16"
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Every single post on this blog you’re now reading has done well on Hacker News. This generates a lot of back-links and also results in a lively discussion on the comments section from where I’ve learned a lot. Knowing that there is an audience for the stuff you write is a great feeling. One question […]The post What kind of traffic does Hacker News generate? appeared first on Unixism.
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By the summer of 2016, Marie Outtier had spent eight years as a consultant advising media agencies and martech companies on marketing growth strategy. Pierre-Jean “PJ” Camillieri started as a music software engineer before joining one of Apple’s consumer electronics divisions. Inspired by Siri, he left to start Timista, a smart lifestyle assistant. When the […]
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I’m sure you’ve heard something along these lines many times in the past few weeks: “It’s really sad what’s happening in ______ (Italy; New York; US).” Basically, many of us consciously or subconsciously seek out a country or a region of our own country where the coronavirus is wreaking more damage than where we live,…

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My name Warnisha Foster I am the CEO of Kiss My Crown Essentials. I founded Kiss My Crown Essentials in March of 2020 and I started offering my products a few at a time to see how they would go over with the public. My first product was Strawberry Rose’ Champagne Soap. The idea for this...
This is satire, right? Harbor is a community of makers, thinkers, and doers that can become your sanctuary. Harbor will give you an opportunity to meet, mingle, and collaborate with some of the brightest, forward-thinking individuals - no facemask required. The villa is located in Southern California, and the exact location will be provided to…


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