1. photography
Have you ever seen your own plant grow in a time-lapse? You can, and it’s a great exercise to learn something new about your camera and post-processing. Making the Invisible Visible Photography captures a moment in time and fixes that moment as a still image. Of course, our shutter speed doesn't describe a point in time but rather a very small period of time. The result,
  1. javascript
Some things you do as a developer can work for you for years, then turn around and bite you when you were least expecting. These are the things that you wish another developer had told you early in your career so you never had to make the mistakes. This post is about one of those things and if you’re reading this, consider it me telling you.
  1. javascript
In the first part we prepared ReactJS Application with SSR script that lets choose the best technologies for our Web Server. Choosing Tech Stack for the SSR Web serverRust has the most powerful combination of safety and hight speed for today (you can check out here why - ). In addition, Actix-web framework is the fastest one according TechEmpower Framework BenchmarkSo, let’s use the best technologies for our forced Web Server. We are ready for actually Web Server code now:HttpServer::new(|| { App::new() .wrap(middleware::Logger:: default ()) .service(Files::new( "/static" , "static" )) .default_service( web::resource( "" ) .route(web::get().to(index)) .route( web::route() .guard(guard::Not(guard::Get())) .to(|| HttpResponse::MethodNotAllowed()), ), ) }) .bind_rustls( "" , config)? The function implements the routing logic, so our web server can return right HTML file (React server rendered) by a route.
  1. programming
Pagy is a recent pagination library for Ruby on Rails. In this tutorial, we will see how to build a custom pagination component with Rails for paginating large data-sets. # config/initializer/pagy.rb require 'pagy/extras/bulma' require 'pagy/extras/array'Extras don't define any new module or class, they just re-open the Pagy class and modules, adding the extra methods as they were part of the loaded pagy gem. def friends . # app/controllers/user_controllers.rb class UsersController < ApplicationController def show @ user = User.find(params[:user_id]) @ pagy , @ friends = pagy(@user.friends, items: 3 ) end def index @ users = User.all @ pagy , @ nofriends = pagy(User.all_except(current_user), page: params [ :page ], items: 9 ) end .
  1. javascript
Nowadays every one of us is facing REST APIs by either developing or consuming such a service. - A command-line tool for HTTP tests over RESTful APIs pyhttptest - A command-line tool for HTTP tests over RESTful APIsThis tool automate testing in a simple three steps. Describe your HTTP Requests test cases against your API service in a simplest and widely used format JSON within a file. Every Python project, which has tests contains in his project directory a folder namelyunittest and pytest discover and execute defined test cases in Python scripts. To not mess up with these tests and break the conventions, I suggest creating a new directory in your project root directory named

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This is satire, right? Harbor is a community of makers, thinkers, and doers that can become your sanctuary. Harbor will give you an opportunity to meet, mingle, and collaborate with some of the brightest, forward-thinking individuals - no facemask required. The villa is located in Southern California, and the exact location will be provided to…


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