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Every single post on this blog you’re now reading has done well on Hacker News. This generates a lot of back-links and also results in a lively discussion on the comments section from where I’ve learned a lot. Knowing that there is an audience for the stuff you write is a great feeling. One question […]The post What kind of traffic does Hacker News generate? appeared first on Unixism.
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I began to stay at home since 2013 after the mobile games company went broke. I am not a real so-called "hacker". Instead, I am much more a developer than a hacker. When you work for yourself it can be very hard to stay productive. You have all of this freedom and it’s very easy to be distracted. You also find that there are certain aspects of your working environment that don't help with productivity.
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Testing seems to be like going to gym. Everyone feels like “yeah. I should be testing. I should be going to the gym everyday.”Koushik Goupal, Fragmented, “Episode 13,” 12:01 Remember those gimmicky fitness products that made you think you could “get fit” without actually going to the gym/dieting/etc? Because I live in Orlando and have seen the Carousel of Progress at the Magic Kingdom a bunch of times, the first example of this kind of gimmicky product that comes to mind is a thing called an “exercise belt.
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Imagine that you’ve never run a single mile in your life. You know that exercising is good for your health, so you decide that you’re going to take up running. Strangely, however, you also decide that you’re going to begin your journey towards physical fitness by running a marathon tomorrow.That’s obviously a bad idea.Less obviously, deciding to go from no experience with testing to writing tests for an already existing Android app is also a bad idea.

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