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If you want to create a consistent body of work, it is crucial that you unify the elements of style that go into each image. One of the most overlooked of these is proper cropping, and this excellent video will show you why that is such a crucial thing to master. Coming to you from Alister Benn with Expressive Photography, this great video discusses the importance of cropping
  1. photography
Have you ever seen your own plant grow in a time-lapse? You can, and it’s a great exercise to learn something new about your camera and post-processing. Making the Invisible Visible Photography captures a moment in time and fixes that moment as a still image. Of course, our shutter speed doesn't describe a point in time but rather a very small period of time. The result,
  1. photography
We’ve seen it all: It started with delicious AI-generated food that didn’t exist, then it was people, then it was cats, Airbnbs, memes, feet (???) — and now we’ve got furries. Yep, you heard it right. A resourceful developer has built a generative adversarial network that spits out an infinite feed of portraits of non-existent furry personas (or fursonas). To acquire this skill, was fed about 55,000 furry images gleaned from mature image board and trained to come up with its own unique iterations for 33 days. Don’t worry though: is totally SFW. The final images were then… This story continues at The Next Web
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Recent updates to Lightroom Classic have brought a new level of control over local adjustments: Range Masks. Within this, the Color Range Mask allows you to be clumsy with your adjustment brushes while targeting very specific parts of your image. Here’s a detailed look at how it works. When Would You Use It? To make local changes to an image, you have a choice of tools: the

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My name Warnisha Foster I am the CEO of Kiss My Crown Essentials. I founded Kiss My Crown Essentials in March of 2020 and I started offering my products a few at a time to see how they would go over with the public. My first product was Strawberry Rose’ Champagne Soap. The idea for this...
This is satire, right? Harbor is a community of makers, thinkers, and doers that can become your sanctuary. Harbor will give you an opportunity to meet, mingle, and collaborate with some of the brightest, forward-thinking individuals - no facemask required. The villa is located in Southern California, and the exact location will be provided to…


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