The Diet that Doubled my Testosterone in 2015Note: This post is by popular request.
Vitamin D, B Vitamins, basic cholesterol ratios etc, but with an overall eye of filling in the blanks and getting things to ‘optimal’ wherever possible.
June 2, 2015Total Testosterone – 544.67 ng/dl (Low end of Normal)Free Testosterone – 1.74 nmol/l (Normal)SHBG – 59 nmol/L (HIGH)DHEA-S 3.98 umol/KSept 3, 2015Total Testosterone – 1148.4 lab ng/dl (HIGH)Free Testosterone – 1.72 nmol/l (Normal)SHBG – 74.71 nmol/l (HIGH)DHT – 344 nmol/l (Low)DHEA-S – 5.55 umol/lOct 6, 2015Total Testosterone – 697.41 ng/dlSHBG – 73 nmol/l (HIGH)Important questions about this experiment-Is this even remotely scientific?
It’s impossible for me to say what had the greatest affect on testosterone levels from the changes above.
The question is will testosterone levels stay elevated and/or is it worth the affects on concentration.

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