One of the ways that supercompensation is applied to training is that you train, fatigue, supercompensate, train again, fatigue, supercompensate, etc.
The Fitness-Fatigue Model of TrainingAlso called the Dual-Factor Theory of Training, the Fitness-Fatigue (hereafter FF) model of training is considered a much better model of the training process.
Supercompensation vs. Fitness-FatigueNow, this looks a little bit like supercompensation, doesn’t it?
Training Implications of Supercompensation vs. FFPerhaps the biggest reason to do away with the supercompensation model in favor of the more modern and correct FF theory is due to the implications they each have for real world training.
Supercompensation is Dead from ExhaustionThe simple fact is that the supercompensation model is inaccurate.

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