So with its tremendous heart and unwavering commitment to the stakes of The Good Place’s ethical inquiries, “Whenever You’re Ready” is a delightful return to form.
Having achieved a tedious bliss in the real Good Place, the original afterlife residents continued evolving: Eleanor, once a raging narcissist, calmly prioritized others’ needs above her own.
To my mind, Jason (Manny Jacinto) is perhaps the only member of the once-doomed quartet whose lot didn’t shift profoundly enough—even at the series’ end, The Good Place had yet to meaningfully move past its conception of him as its good-looking dunce from Florida.
Read: ‘The Good Place’ was a metaphor all alongThe Good Place has always been a highly serialized series, and its finale thankfully course-corrects some of the winding, less effective plot choices of prior episodes.
How do friendships enrich our lives and ethical stance?”“Whenever You’re Ready” doesn’t dispense with this romantic story line, but it does grant significant attention to the characters’ other relationships.

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