The relationship between Perplexity and Entropy in NLPUse Information Theory to understand NLP MetricsPerplexity is a common metric to use when evaluating language models.
Finally, a technical point: we want to define the entropy of the language L (or language model M) regardless of sentence length n. So finally we defineFinal definition of entropy for a language (model)The Shannon-McMillan-Breiman TheoremUnder anodyne assumptions³ the entropy simplifies even further.
Cross-EntropySuppose we mistakenly think that our language model M is correct.
The cross-entropy H(L,M) is what we measure the entropy to beCross entropy for our language model MWhere the second line again applies the Shannon-McMillan-Breiman theorem.
The perplexity of M is bounded below by the perplexity of the actual language L (likewise, cross-entropy).

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