We saw that with prairie dresses, updated to feel modern by the masterful hands of labels like Batsheva and, more recently, The Vampire’s Wife.
We’re now seeing an extension of that, with more literal nightwear becoming trendy thanks to brands like Sleeper.
The latter trend is interesting for the fact that, to wear something that’s intended for the indoors, where no one can see you, is an act of rebellion.
There is something powerful about the choice of Lisbon sisters to wrap around the tree in their yard that they don’t want to be cut, while in sleepwear outfits that their mom surely doesn’t approve of being seen by the men who are intent on cutting it down.
There’s also something about Therese styling her nightgown with a chunkily knit scarf, even if it is because of her preference for more conservative fashion in comparison to her sisters.

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