Writing Fluent Functional CodeMay 13th 2020Fluent code should make you feel happy, like this image does.
Fluent Api is code that reads as a sentence.
The most straightforward functional approach, and in my opinion the best one is using `pipe()` with stateless setters.
So this is a simple example of an expression builder that’s based on functional:const SiteBuilder = value => ({ withSiteName : name => SiteBuilder({…value, …{name}}), withDomain : domain => SiteBuilder({…value, …{domain}}), build : () => value }); const site = SiteBuilder({}) .withSiteName( ‘hello’ ) .withDomain( ‘some-domain’ ) .build();this from every method.
(Feel free to suggest)But the bottom line is — It’s a stateless, functional, fluent, expression builder.

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